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Are these problems familiar to you?
It is impossible to objectively assess the performance of your trade fair
Organisers cannot improve trade fair performance without having reliable data. Exhibitors have no precise indicators of their own performance or the trade fair in general. Visitor activity after entrance remains invisible and unmeasurable
There is no uniform business ecosystem in place
A number of different solutions solve singular problems, but are not interlinked, thus reducing user-friendliness and slowing down work processes
Stop losing money over unresolved problems
What does LeadFrog offer you?
Solving major problems with customisable trade fair software
LeadFrog Scan
A state-of-the-art solution for maximum trade fair results
Multisource quality contact
Media Notes
Fail-safe and Internet-free
LF Scan QR
Exhibitors and visitors will be able to record and save all important details collected during their meetings.
Notes, photos and audio messages can be added to the contact, as wells as signatures for consent to process personal data
Media Notes
Spare exhibitors the hassle of transferring data from paper.
An electronic questionnaire with flexible interview scenarios, single and multiple-choice answer options, allows information to be collected immediately as a digital form. According to survey results, exhibitors save up to 83% of their time post-processing collected data when using our method
Collect contact data by simply scanning business cards, vCards, QR codes (badges, company names and products, stands)
Our text recognition system will automatically save contact data from all data sources directly in the app
Multisource quality contact
Fail-safe and Internet-free
Visitors and exhibitors will keep collected data even in force majeure situations.
Our offline scanning function allows you to work even without an internet connection. Our app will queue up your data which will be downloaded as soon as your device reconnects with the internet
Visitors of the trade fair will be able to use our service even without having to download the app. Just point your mobile phone camera at the QR code of a stand or product – all information will be displayed in your browser and the scan history can be sent to your email
LF Scan QR
Analyse event statistics and visitor engagement in real time
LeadFrog Administration
Exhibition events always at your fingertips
LeadFrog Tradeshow
Facilitate networking at the trade fair
LeadFrog Conference
Trade fair pulse
Collected data
CRM integration
Export by filtered data
Photo archive for contact data
Easily import collected contact data into most CRM systems.
All the data will be stored in one file, nice and clear.
Everything can be exported, without limitations on amount or frequency of exports
CRM integration
Exhibitors will be able to save collected contacts and to start working with the data without having to wait until the end of the trade fair.
All data collected by stand staff, such as questionnaires and notes added during the trade fair, are compiled in one database and are displayed in real time
Collected data
Help exhibitors optimise their booth performance in real time.
Our service automatically calculates trade fair performance using more than 20 indicators. Exhibitors receive their data in the form of handy charts and tables for better overview
Trade fair pulse
LeadFrog provides detailed stand performance statistics to exhibitors - scans, completed questionnaires and surveys. Exhibitors can view the popularity of their stand's products on the basis of objective data.
Export by filtered data
Reports can be displayed either for one stand attendant or for several, according to your filter settings. Very useful for distributing contacts between sales managers
Photo archive for contact data
Download a photo archive containing business cards and badges collected at the trade fair. Reports are generated in the ZIP file format, where files are automatically named after companies and contacts. This function is used by exhibitors to integrate data directly into their CRM systems
Set up Push notifications in the app by adjusting the displaying time and recipient category
Push notifications
Our software offers possibilities to recoup your investment.
LeadFrog contains sophisticated features for additional monetisation: an interactive floor plan, banner advertising, display of counterparts when searching for companies in the catalogue, in-app advertising messages and more
Additional monetisation
Exhibitors receive all features they need for maximum efficiency.
Convenient features combined with additional placeholders for advertising and extra information from the organiser
Trade show APP
Using our app, exhibitors can easily trace the complete chain of relationships between all entities of the business programme: Topic, Speaker, Category, Hall.
When selecting a section of interest, all related information is displayed
Everything is interconnected
Exhibitors will get maximum output from the trade fair.
Visitors and exhibitors will be able to add all important events to favourites.
All events can be synchronised with the external calendar
Personal calendar
Create a comfortable environment for communication between exhibitors and visitors.
Messages can be exchanged in private and public chats without closing the app
If you don't innovate in hard times, then you can’t benefit in better times
Gordon Moore, Intel founder
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We prowide you test materials. Add them like a real trade fair
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We prowide you test materials. Add them like a real trade fair
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We prowide you test materials. Add them like a real trade fair
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We prowide you test materials. Add them like a real trade fair
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